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Can I get a refund for my subscription?



  • Aesha
    This is regarding the app. I have done the 1750/- payment on May 2022. and have not used the app in any cas because it was not working properly. I was unaware that the app got me subscribed for monthly plan of 1750 . From may onwards 1750 getting deducted from my credit card and i was not aware. And why i have been subscribed without asking my consent? and that too the year was till 2046. For 24 years you have subscribed me without asking me?! 
    Please refund my money back , I have lost 12250/- for 07 months. 
  • Dmytro

    Hello Aesha!
    As I can see, you are already in touch with our support team.

    Regards, Dmytro


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